Wednesday, July 18, 2007

GreenKnickers Stockist!

GreenKnickers for Sale at Ethika, Norwich

Ethika's opening on Thursday the 19th of July at 6.30pm selling all sorts of lovely ethical wares including GreenKnickers.

25 Timber Hill
Norwich NR1 3JZ
01603 624891

If you are local go along to the opening tomorrow!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Fair Trade - Big things and Small things...

Rose and I have been resisting clocking up any carbon miles at the sake of visiting our fair trade supplier in India. Recently however we were compelled to fly to India to establish a new relationship with a co-op in Tamil Nadu. The trip was so inspiring and has given us a real sense of the amazing impact something so simple as knickers can have!

The workers are women with disabilities and from disadvantaged backgrounds. The organisation gives these women work and opportunities in order to build a future tailored to each woman. Profits from the business have been used to fund hospitals and schools for those who can't afford them. These are the big things which fair trade can achieve but something which really caught my eye was the suggestion box at the entrance to the factory - it made me think how the small things make the big things happen when it comes to fair trade.

I worked with a team of designers getting the fit of the new designs just right - an exercise which involved equal parts concentration and giggling. All the designers wore blue denim coats so I was glad to have worn something blue. The environment was so peaceful and positive in the middle of all the surrounding chaos of a busy industrial region. Everyone we met was so friendly and informed when it came to social justice and environmentally friendly production. Rose and I agreed it was all very GreenKnickers.
I have to say on balance this particular trip was worth a dose of carbon guilt and has given us a clearer picture of our knickering impact. We will of course now need to offset these carbon miles, we have done a bit of office offsetting before but have heard lots of mixed reviews about which schemes have the most positive impact. If anyone has any views we would welcome your input.

Friday, April 13, 2007

Meeting Anita

Rose and I were invited to meet Anita Roddick founder of The Body Shop this week at the British Library as a part of the ask an expert series. Anita was great, really bright, really positive and really helpful. It was inspiring to meet a fellow business woman who has made a success of communicating the value of ethical products.

visit anitas website

Friday, March 30, 2007

More Green Transport!

We continune to pimp our Green Rides. We are often asked 'what is green about your knickers?' well the answer is a long one and involves every stage of production from the growing of Organic crops to the transport of the finished product.

Some of our knickers are made overseas by fair trade cooperatives and some are made in the greenest way possible right here in London where we live. One of the ways in which we keep our carbon foot print low is by transporting our UK made knickers ourselves using our trusty shopping trolleys and bike!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Pimped up Green Transport

Shopping trollys 'shollies' or 'granny bags' are the greenest way to move goods around the city so we use them to move around the stock which is made here in london. Our other stock - made by fair trade suppliers overseas is shipped in the greenest way it can be - by sea. As a tribute to our trusty 'shollies' we have given them a good pimping - GreenKnickers style!

My bike is currently undergoing a similar treatment so watch this space!

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Fair Trade Fortnight!

To mark Fair Trade Fortnight GreenKnickers will hold a stand at the fair trade Bazaar at Imperial College.

Fairtrade Bazaar

A wide variety of BAFTS, IFAT and Fairtrade Shops will be displaying products for sale, the aim of which is to raise the awareness of the wide variety of Fairtrade Products available in today's market. Raffle tickets, campaign material and free tea and coffee will be available at the event.

1 Mar 2007 12:00pm-4:00pm
Hosted by: Imperial College Union
Venue: Union Dining Hall,
Imperial College Union,
Beit Quad,
Prince Consort Road,
South Kansington,
London SW7

For more infor for Fairtrade fornight running from 26/02 to 11/03 please check out the Fair trade foundations website

Friday, February 09, 2007

New silky hemp knickers!

We now do our hemp silk knickers in Black - naturally dyed 60% hemp and 40% silk.

Happy Valentines Day!

Special Valentines Knickers and boxers!